Bababing…You Make My Heart Sing

Bababing DayTripper Deluxe changing bag for dads - reviewI have a real soft spot for nursery accessory brand Bababing – they have a keen eye for the parenting guy and their DayTripper Deluxe changing bag is rather fab.

The changing bag market is a funny one…lots and lots of choices for the ladies, of which I think Pink Lining perform exceptionally well and have some quite beautiful designs, but not much around specifically for dad. Some of the prices are verging on comical too and some brands attach a premium just because the product is called a ‘changing bag’. I won’t trash talk any brands, it’s up to you what you part your hard earned cash with, but I’d urge any parent in the market for a decent changing bag to actually go into a store and try a few out first…it is the easiest way to separate the quality wheat from the vastly overpriced chaff.

When it comes to dad bags, only one brand has caught my eye and after meeting the guys that run the company I am a Bababing fan through and through.

As the arrival of baby M got closer, and the list of things I was told we needed to buy grew longer and longer I had an afternoon of rebellion and took some matters into my own hand and placed an order of very cool things direct from the Bababing boys themselves.

The rather excellent Rockout baby rocker was in there, among a few other little bits such as the HotPoc and FlipOut, but it is their DayTripper Deluxe dad changing bag that is the jewel in the crown.

I had done my research, and knew already that this was a Gold Award winner in the Mother & Baby Awards a year or so ago, and after a mooch and chat in John Lewis is was highly recommend by the lady I spoke to there. I had a good play with it in store, and had also been given a demo by one of the Bababing owners at The Baby Show last October in London, so was pretty convinced that my £65 was going to be money well spent despite there being perfectly adequate changing bags available for half the price elsewhere.

Buy cheap, buy twice has always been sage advice, and I am confident that if a customer has a problem with a Bababing product during the first 12 months that the brand will see any of its customers right, and quickly too. I also had a vanity thing going on…I wanted a cool changing bag, and I wanted one that had plenty of pockets for dad things as well as some space for the stuff that seems to be important for looking after babies.

The DayTripper Deluxe maxes out on space and pockets…it’s a veritable Aladdin’s cave in there, much akin to the Omni-Sack that Sport Billy used to use (if you know your early 1980 cartoons).

DayTripper Deluxe - plenty of room in this changing bag
Oodles of room inside the DayTripper Deluxe

The bag has lots of cool iconography too around the various pockets to give us an indication as to what fits best in which bit, although I am grateful for this as it basically serves as a reminder of what sort of stuff I need to have in the bag…nappies, wipes, changing mat, and so on.

One of the icons also reminds me to take my tablet and mobile with me, and there is a handy pouch for mobile phones built into the very comfortable shoulder strap. Annoyingly, having recently upgraded to an iPhone 6+, my phone doesn’t fit but it is fine for a normal sized phone and my wallets fits in there perfectly…especially now that it is always empty!

Front pocket of DayTripper Deluxe changing bag
Nice big front pouch, where the changing mat lives
Mobile phone pouch
Mobile phone pouch is attached to the shoulder strap

The front pocket on the bag is very big, and fits the folding changing mat just fine as well as an iPad. In fact the iPad slots inside the folding padded changing mat so there is a bit of extra protection for that too! The changing mat is included with the bag, and is a decent size and looks smart also. This mat is also big enough for baby M to fit on completely at the moment, which just reduces the apprehension when faced with some less inviting changing areas at places such as motorway service stations where you sometimes feel like you need to wipe your feet after leaving them!

Bababing changing mat included with the bag
This rather smart foldable changing mat is included

Insulated bottle pocketThere’s a detachable bottle holder inside as well as an insulated bottle pocket that they have somehow built into the bag, and that will more than come into its own when the weather gets a bit warmer.

The zips that they have used are a decent size for fumbly dad fingers, and the stitching all round is of a very high standard.

I even discovered a new pocket today as I was working out how best to structure this review (opting for no structure in the end!) – there is a large zip pocket built into the main flap of the bag, and I hadn’t seen that before. That space, combined with the large area at the back of the bag which the bag defines as ‘Your Space’ means that pretty much everything I would carry around with me can be accommodated, which is great when using the Babyzen YOYO as basket space can be at a premium after a trip around the supermarket.

So, on the whole, as you can tell, I’m very happy with my DayTripper Deluxe changing bag. This time last year I didn’t see myself forking out for my own bag, but I craved one of these as soon as I saw them and having kicked its tyres a few times decided to buy.

It’s been invaluable since M arrived and I heartily recommend it. I won’t even try to search for a negative as there isn’t one…it’s an award-winning bag that does every you need a changing bag to do. The biggest plus point is that it is proper dad gear, and designed in a way that is by no means exclusive to men as it suits any gender…just a really well design and very smart looking contemporary bag.

Bababing…you make my heart sing; just waiting now until the next mini mission begins!

On a mini mission with Bababing

This review is of my own DayTripper Deluxe which was purchased direct from BabaBing…I haven’t been asked to write it, but have done so because I love the product…simple as that!

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