Book Cover Revealed For The Tormented Witch

Author Jemma Beckham
Jemma Beckham, author

I have picked up on a little bit of a buzz forming about a brand new author called Jemma Beckham, who joins the ranks of Britain’s up and coming Young Adult (YA) authors in June this year with the official release of the first book in her Crowded Souls trilogy.

The Tormented Witch is going through the first edit stage at the time of writing and rumours are it promises to be something a little bit special. Here’s the official ‘blurb’* about the book:

“Apart from the fact that Leila Albergo was born in England, she was just like any other seventeen-year-old U.S. high schooler. That was until, by a dark twist of fate, she develops supernatural powers.

 Leila is convinced that her feelings for school heartthrob Luca Jareau will remain unnoticed until he turns out to be her greatest ally. With his help, she must learn to control her magic and conceal the truth from everyone else, in order to protect the people she loves.

 Leila also realises that some friends are not always who they seem to be and that staying alive at any cost, can sometimes be too high a price to pay.”

Crowded Souls - The Tormented Witch book cover

The book cover artwork has just been released this month, and it’s a damn fine piece of work. The YA genre is not one I have delved into much, but as this February’s Book of the Month post shows it is one that I am slowly opening my eyes to as there is some really exciting writing coming out of it.

The book is available to pre-order through the official website at and all pre-ordered copies get a version with a limited edition cover, and a completely unique first page which will be signed and numbered by the author.

I have ordered my copy and am keeping my fingers crossed that the rumours are true and that this lady is set for super-stardom.

Find out more about Jemma and her forthcoming work on, an independent authors site and book store.

*’blurb’ appears to be the common word used for the summary text used to promote books…it’s a word I like and will use often!

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