Bubbaroo Launches Platinum Range in UK

I’ve been following Bubbaroo for quite a few months now – they came onto my radar at the end of last summer as we were starting to think about the reality of our newborn’s arrival and we ended up giving their products a try. As you can see from our Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bag review we were delighted with the product and went on to also buy one of their Blankies, which is beautiful too.

They announced just this weekend that they have now launched their brand new Platinum Range of products here in the UK, and they look lovely on their website and their range now carries products that are made from purely natural fibres too. The gift boxes that they come in look great too.

Baby M loved sleeping in her original Joey Swag so I have ordered a Platinum Joey Swag Baby Sleeping Bag tonight and a set of Baby Muslin Wraps which will hopefully arrive this week and I will get around to sharing my thoughts on them in due course.

Find out more about Bubbaroo at www.bubbaroo.co.uk.

Bubbaroo baby sleep products

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