About Dadness Parenting Blog

Dadness parenting blogThank you for visiting the Dadness parenting blog. There are plenty of parenting blogs out there, and some of them are simply outstanding. The vast majority are crafted by very talented mums.

Dads have less of a presence – this is probably because we are not the best at multi-tasking. I can’t even walk and chew gum. Being a parent and writing about being a parent is multi-tasking…so you see the dilemma.

I am giving it a go however. This Dadness parenting blog is unlikely to ignite the blogosphere and send parenting content off in dozens of creative new directions. Far from it, it is just another dad adding his voice to the conversation in the hope that one or two people take a moment to listen and perhaps chat back.

I’m planning to just be me – if I use a product that really makes a difference to this whole parenting lark then I will write about it. If I read a book that is truly worth shouting about then I’ll share it. If I play a game that will be great for the family I’ll share it. If I get given some things to giveaway then I’ll give them away. If some grub gets made that makes my taste-buds stand up and applaud then I’ll pass the recipe on.

It’s all going to be very easy and straightforward.

I am unlikely to turn down a product test request as long as it is something I can actually use in my current parenting scenarios. I will never hand over editorial control for a post to anyone else, so please don’t request this if you get in touch. Anything I write is genuinely what I think.

I do have a few places on social media where I post extra content, and if you have a moment I will be really grateful if you could follow me on Twitter (@Dadnessblog), Instagram (@dadnessuk), Pinterest & Facebook.

Thank you for stopping by.