Pogu Buggy Reflectors Review

Pogu Buggy Relectors packetI do like a bit of tech, and these buggy reflectors by Pogu are exactly that – developed with 3M they are a simple & handy safety product for parents.

It’s easy to become a little paranoid about safety when you have a baby, but it really is no bad thing as their wellbeing is of paramount importance.

I came across these Buggy Reflectors at The Baby Show last October in London and bought a pack from the stand they were being displayed on having watched the promo video that was playing.

I have applied them to our UPPAbaby VISTA and they were easy to use, just peel from the backing paper and stick on to the chassis like any other normal sticker.

There are a few different shapes of sticker in the pack, so it is worth taking a moment to figure out which shapes will fit best on your own chassis. Do also keep in mind the ‘picture’ of the reflections when light will shine on them so that you know most of the shape and size of the buggy will be shown to any motorists driving near you at night.

Pogu pushchair reflectors on UPPAbaby Vista chassis

Yes, they are noticeable when applied to the chassis, but they don’t really spoil the look of the pushchair and they are there for a reason…safety.

The Pogu Buggy Reflectors make your pushchair 100 times more visible at night and are effective over a range of up to 200 metres.

Here is a photograph from last night that show how they reflect light – this was taken on my iphone in pitch black with the flash working.

Pogu pushchair reflectors at night

Excuse the grainy effect on the photo…iphones aren’t great when there is very little light about, but you can see how the 5 reflector stickers I have applied really shine bright when the light hit them.

I also did a test for you using a very very weak torch and shone it across the chassis a few times…and here is the video of that:

The effect of the reflection would be more akin to the photograph above if car headlights shone across them or some other brighter light source.

Here’s a better example of the effect from the official Pogu website:

Pogu pram reflectors at night

These buggy reflectors come in a choice of colours to match either your silver or black pushchair chassis and are priced at £7.99.

They appear to be available from a range of independent nursery & cycle stores, as well online.

I have had advice from Pogu that if you get to the point where you want to remove the stickers (e.g. if you were selling your pushchair) then they can be easily removed from the chassis by blasting them with a hair dryer for 5 minutes before you peel them off!

I have not been paid or asked to write this review – I did it because they are a very useful safety product and I wanted to share that fact.

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