Breathable Baby Products are Breathtaking

For no real deep-seated reason whatsoever I appear to be a very over-cautious parent when it comes to my baby eating and sleeping. Every piece of food is a potential choking hazard, and every blanket or sheet might suffocate my little bundle of joy! I am slowly getting more relaxed as baby M gets bigger and more capable but the anxiety is always there, and it manifests in my shopping lists when buying new baby things. The sleep-suffocation anxiety has been 100% removed by our investment in the fabulous cot fabrics in the Breathable Baby products range.

These are beautiful products and look like the safest sheets, blankets and cot liners available. I have purchased the Super-Dry Cot Sheets (pack of 2), the Cot Liner and the Blanket.

Breathable Baby Products range

The Super-Dry Sheets are really soft and have remained so after a number of weeks of using and washing. In fact it has been about 3 months now of use and they still look and feel as soft as they did on day one. The breathable nature of the sheets definitely helps with airflow through the cot mattress as we have had some very hot days and nights this summer and there have been no sweating issues with M since we swapped to using these sheets. The air-flow mattress obviously helps here too, but the sheet allows the benefits of that mattress to remain fully realised. I wish they made these in adult bed sizes!

breathable baby suprt dry cot sheets

The best test of the sheets that removed my anxiety was to hold it over my own face and lo and behold I could breathe normally because the of the small micropores (holes) in the sheets. The same applies to all of their products as I tested the blanket and the cot liners in this way too…told you I was a bit paranoid. Not sure if this is a deliberate feature but the sheets also dry very quickly after being washed, which can be useful if baby decides to throw a few sick puddles in the cot and you run out of fresh sheets for the next evening.

The sheets are fitted and stay securely on the mattress and are available in a few different sizes. We went for the cot-bed size which are 140 x 70cm.

Due to the mild weather we haven’t had a reason to use the blanket on the cot yet but it is just as soft and squishy and lovely as the sheets. As mentioned above you can wrap this over your face and breathe normally and the pattern compliments the sheets and cot liner perfectly and I am looking forward to using this in a couple of months time when the weather turns. So far the blanket has been a soft cover for M to lie on when playing downstairs and because of the breathable nature of the blanket I have no qualms about her crawling onto it and grabbing it with her hands and it ending up over her face. Safety and comfort are at the heart of all of these products.

Breathable baby blanket

The blankets are suitable from birth and provide a more attractive option than the usual cellular blankets that we have been using since M arrived. As with the sheets on the few occasions that we have washed the blanket it has dried in no time at all.

So onto the Cot Liner. These are very thin so I am not going to refer to them as cot bumpers as they don’t really offer any real protection against baby falling against the cot but they do stop arms and legs from poking through the slats in the cot sides and that is what I was looking for in this product. Knowing that if M did end up with her face against the liner then she would be able to breathe was the main driver for buying these.

They do also add a little bit of comfort to M as they stop some of the light shining through the sides of the cot so it is darker for her when she naps than it would be without.

breathable baby cot liner

The Liner is a great size too and pretty much covers all of the large Boori Cot Bed that we use and there are no gaps anywhere either which was a relief as no matter how small a gap in a liner might be a baby leg or arm would no doubt find it in due course. It was very easy to fit as it secures using Velcro so no annoying strings around slats here and because of my anxiety I don’t want anything that has strings on it anywhere near the cot!!

Breathable Baby products also have a matching and very cute range of soft toys which are made from the same breathable material as the sheets and blankets. We were given the bird toy that matches the cot set for free in the store because we bought more than 2 products from the range. As you would expect, the first thing I did was stuff it over my mouth…and guess what…I could breathe through the toy!!

breathable baby cuddly toy

Sleep anxieties have gone thanks to these Breathable Baby products and as well as having the safety products I needed we have also managed to buy a range of cot bed fabrics that perfectly complement the white wood of the cot so this range ticked both boxes for us.

I am really impressed with Breathable Baby products so far and have since added a rather cute giraffe toy that I picked up at A3 Baby Barn when I was passing by (it passed the ‘dad breathing through it’ test also!).

Breathable baby giraffe toy

Breathable Baby products are available in a decent number of independent stores and also at some nationals such as Kiddicare and Toys R Us. You can also keep up to date with their products and news on the Breathable Baby products Facebook page.

Hope you found this little write up useful 🙂

2 thoughts on “Breathable Baby Products are Breathtaking

  • 30th October 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Oooh these are really cute and sound nice and safe! I’ll certainly be checking them out. Fantastic review. I feel like the paranoia never goes away. Xx

    • 1st November 2017 at 11:54 am

      Thank you Lisa…they are really lovely and the toys are fab too. I wish they made them for adults!! xx


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