My Mini…Greatest Car Journey Game Ever…Jinx, No Comebacks

Kids and long car journeys…they often go together like paper cuts and vinegar. Salvation is at hand however…introducing ‘My Mini’!

This game has now been successfully road-tested extensively through this year, and not just with kids as a few adult trips have flow by whilst playing it. I can take no credit for creating it and neither can I celebrate the inventor’s name as it was mentioned in a half heard conversation this summer and it seems to have leaked into my brain by osmosis. Whoever the creator is I salute you…and long may ‘My Mini’ be shouted in my car!

To play, all you need is at least one passenger but the more the merrier. Everyone also needs to be fully aware of what a Mini car looks like and they ideally also need to be au fait with classic Minis as that is where the big points lie.

The rules are simple…while driving the first person to see a Mini has to shout ‘My Mini’ and they score, as long as the sighting is verified by at least one other passenger. Points are awarded as such:

1 point for seeing a modern Mini
5 points for seeing a classic Mini
15 points for spotting a Mini dealership
…and if you travel near Oxford then the ultimate winner is the person who spots the Mini factory there first!

A point is deducted for incorrectly calling ‘My Mini’…so shouting it at what turns out to be a Fiat 500 loses you 1 point. Minus scores are possible in this game.

And that’s it…sounds too simple to be any fun, but trust me and try it. The choice of minis for the game is near enough perfect too as they tend to appear at a tension-building pace…not too many and neither is there too few to hold your interest. The pace is perfect. It wouldn’t work with Fords or BMWs.

There is also a massive sense of satisfaction by being the person who spots a classic Mini first as they are not so common any more.

Happy motoring folks…

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