2016 Harrogate Nursery Fair – My Picks of the Pack

The 2016 Harrogate Nursery Fair took place earlier this week, and I went along to see what’s what in the nursery industry at what is actually the only UK trade fair for nursery & baby products.

It was a complete productfest, and there were soooo many very cool and beautiful things on show. I was really pleased to see lots of smaller companies displaying their wares and there were some really lovely products that are just coming to market after being thought up by real mums & dads who have spotted an opportunity while looking after their little ones.

I thought it might be fun to come up with my own selection of show favourites, and I have tried to avoid products that have been launched by the BIG brands as you will no doubt find out about them through the many thousands of pounds they spend on advertising this year. I have also chosen a ‘Best in Show’ product, a bit like they do at Crufts!

This is my celebration of the brand new, the unheard of, or the little companies…and what better way to present it to you than through the gift of YouTube!

So, sit back and enjoy (hopefully) my 2016 Harrogate Nursery Fair Picks of the Pack video…which also sees me lose my YouTube virginity, so be gentle with me afterwards!

2016 Harrogate Nursery Fair links

If you are interested in any of the 2016 Harrogate Nursery Fair products or brands mentioned then here is a list of links to their websites:

Egg Strollerwww.eggstroller.com
Globber Scooterswww.globber.co.uk
Flannel Fingerswww.flannelfingers.co.uk

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Thank you for your time 🙂

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