Rockin’ Out, Bababing Style

I’ve given some blog love to Bababing last month in my review of the excellently outstanding DayTripper Deluxe changing bag, but I am going to kneel before them one more time this month with a little write-up about their equally excellent Rockout baby bouncer.

A baby rocker seat is a product that seems to only have a few fundamentals to get right…it needs to be comfy for baby to sit in and it needs to rock, safely.

As far as design briefs go it is a fairly clear one. Some brands seem to take that brief and add extra bits to it, such as ‘It must have really garish colours and so many toys hanging off it that you can’t see the baby’, or ‘It must play really crap music through a tinny speaker’…basically anything that can add an extra £20 or £30 to the price tag for the consumer.

Bababing, as they seem to do with so many of their products, appear to start the design process by stripping back to the fundamentals and focus on getting them right first. This is clear in the finished DayTripper Deluxe changing bag, and I have noticed a simplicity to their Noah Highchair when I saw their Baby Show stand.

From there I am guessing they develop the subtle finishing touches. Once the core product is right they look at the fabrics, the zips, the screws and all the little details that make the product far better than the sum of the parts.

The Rockout is a product that has those Bababing traits. It is very simple and perfect.

It arrives in a good old fashioned box with no space wasted and no plastic windows so the packaging is easy to fold down and store for later or to recycle instantly.

Bababing Rockout box

It is very, very simple to assemble. The instruction manual is clear and easy to follow and you are ready to rock in under 5 minutes.

Bababing rockout - side view

The fabrics are very stylish, and this was one of the features that first drew me to the product as I was looking for something that would suit the home as well as a product that would be good for our baby. Naturally the latter is more important, but the Rockout allowed us to have the best of both worlds…something safe and something very pleasing on the eye.

The other major box that needing ticking is that the fabrics are easy to clean, and these are. Simple to wipe down and can be washed in the washing machine is required…hey, all babies have poo explosions at some point!

There is a 5-point safety harness with this little beaut, and that has started to really come into its own now that my daughter is approaching 5 months. She used to sit in the Rockout and just be her normal relatively immobile self until recently but now she is getting all wriggly and has a lot of strength. Rather than be able to squirm her way down the Rockout she is nicely protected by the comfortably wide and secure harness. I may not have been paying full attention last summer but I don’t recall seeing too many (or any) other rockers that had this feature?

The Rockout has an easy to use recliner control, and this allows the product to fold flat, which is very useful for storage or for taking out to other people’s houses. There are 2 sitting positions for baby; one is a very low incline and the other is higher which is useful for getting an older baby to prepare for the point where he or she can sit up properly.

Little supports also can be unfolded from the bottom of the bouncer to make it perfectly stable and to stop it from rocking. Again, it is the detail such as this that makes me love this product. The way the little supports fold out is genius and being able to stop a rocker from rocking is actually very useful sometimes.

The seat also comes with a toy bar which is really easy to put on and take off, and two toys who I have recently learned are called Pog and Panjo!

Bababing rockour review

Pog & Panjo a little closer up…

Pog and Panjo by Bababing

The Rockout is a lightweight number, weighing in at under 3kgs. It is suitable for use from birth (although I would give your baby 2 or 3 weeks first for any product such as this, but that is just me, not official guidelines) and can be used up to around 6 months old as there is a 9kg weight limit.

It retails at £49.99 and is available direct from Bababing or in lots of independent retailers and the likes of John Lewis.

29th Feb 2016 – Just noticed that Bababing have released a rather excellent demo video of the Rockout. I probably didn’t need to write all that above at the start of the month and could have just played this instead as it shows just how darn easy it is to use and how smart it looks!

I have not been paid or asked to write this review; I bought the Rockout and have loved using it and so has my baby…that’s an experience I wanted to share 🙂

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