CozyGlo Colonel Comfort Nightlight Review

Colonel Comfort Nightlight by CozyGloI was lucky enough to go to the Harrogate Nursery Fair in March this year, and as well as the usual big brands there were some very cool and very beautiful smaller businesses showing off their wares in one of the halls. That was where I stumbled across CozyGlo, and I was really pleased I did as I instantly developed a soft spot for the CozyGlo Colonel Comfort Nightlight!

The lady who runs the company was on the stand and she was lovely to speak to and suggested I needed one in my life, and without me putting up any sort of resistance whatsoever I got my wallet out and bought one right there and then.

Really pleased I did though as it is a very lovely thing and it went into my ‘Picks of the Pack‘ video for Harrogate. Such a simple design but therein lies the beauty of it.

Out of the box it is really easy to get to grips with how it works, which is what you would expect for a product such as nightlight but I have fallen foul recently of some very overly complicated products that look straightforward on the surface.

The instructions are very clear – it is easy to plug in and get going and easy enough to set the time on the clock.

The nightlight itself has quite a few cool features. Firstly, as well as a light and a clock it also works as a room thermometer, and the display rotates between time and temperature. This is really handy as with our unpredictable British weather you do need to get a handle on what the room temperature is so that you can dress your baby accordingly for sleep.

My favourite CozyGlo Colonel Comfort Nightlight feature though is the countdown light timer where the room gets gradually darker as the light dims after a set time period. It also works the other way and can be set as a light alarm for the morning where the light gradually gets brighter to make for a far more pleasant way to start the day than an audible alarm…I will miss that when baby M moves into her own room and the nightlight has to follow her!

The light itself has multiple levels of illumination, which are easy to click up and down using the buttons on the power cord, so you can have a gentle glow or quite a bright reading light. I did drop off one night with the light on at a medium level and it was one of those rare and fabulous nights where M slept through. In the morning the nightlight was still cool to the touch despite being on for over 6 hours, so it passed the main safety test in my book with that.

CozyGlo Nightlight review

The Full range of CozyGlo Nightlights also includes Papa Penguin and Beatrice the Rescue Dog. They retail for £39.99 and I think they are worth every penny. They will last many years without dating as the design of them is simple and classic and the white and black colour scheme make it nice and neutral and easy to blend in with pretty much any nursery or child’s bedroom décor.

You can find out a whole bunch more about the CozyGlo Colonel Comfort Nightlight and the rest of the range on the CozyGlo website.

As you can tell it gets a big Dadness thumbs up from me.

NB: I bought this product myself – I have not been asked, bribed, threatened or paid to write this review…I type and share because it’s worth it!

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